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There's always those weird things I like to make that just don't fit into a category. Actually, I just helped my son with a school project last night, but I didn't even think to take a picture of it until now. Maybe I'll post it when he brings it home.

One year I wanted to get a unique gift for my boss, a lawyer. I looked on Ebay and every time I found something even remotely close to what I wanted, there was a nagging voice that told me that I could do better. Finally, I decided to make each lawyer in the firm action figures of themselves. Yeah...you read that right. It was fun though, and totally de-stressing for me.

Since it was a personal injury law firm, it was easy to poke fun at. I gave them their figures in a box and posted the website. The website is really poorly made, as I was just learning, but It is pretty funny. It's more funny if you know the people ~ then you get the jokes. Here is a link to the spoof site. Team Legal















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