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Halloween 2008

By the time 2008 came along, most of the kids were "too old" for Halloween. Luckily for us, one was still interested, so we could pretend that our interest in Halloween activities was for HIS enjoyment.

October 2008, we attended Pumpkinville at Happy Rolph's in St. Catharines, Ontario where they had a Scarecrow building and pumpkin carving contests again. This year we planned ahead and decided that we were going to make Jack Skellington for our scarecrow along with Zero the ghost dog.



We went to Value Village, which is a thrift store, and found a woman's black pantsuit with white pinstripes for about $5.00. Then we made Jack Skellington's head by taking the stuffing our of an old pillow and making a new pillow-like head using white fabric from an old sheet. Cost to us - Zero dollars!

The hands were made from some Dollar Store skeleton gloves that we found with a little bit of stuffing added. For his feet we used some old black boots. His body was constructed on PVC pipe that was left over from a construction job. However, the park provided stakes to build scarecrows on for those who didn't already have a frame. The PVC definitely works better, as it allows you to pose your figure. The cost to build Jack Skellington was minimal.

It sucks if you can't see this.  The picture is cool!
Jack seemed to attract visitors of all ages

This little guy wanted Jack to take him for a walk

It was really easy to make Zero the Ghost Dog. Basically, I got an empty detergent bottle and cleaned it out. I wrapped it in the remaining part of the old sheet (the same one I made Jack's head from). I made some ears from the same fabric and glued some eyes and a mouth on.

I was really impressed with my nose for Zero, because I used one of those Halloween flashlights, the kind you can get at a Dollar Store. It had a pumpkin head, and since I used a flashlight, which I just shoved through the opening of the detergent bottle (obviously I had to cut the opening to make it bigger), I could turn it on, and so Zero's nose would light up just like it does in the movie!

We didn't win for our scarecrow that year, although it was a crowd favourite. I think maybe we were disqualified since they aren't really scarecrows (we used no straw), but they were fun to make. Glen did, however, win for his AWESOME PIRATE SHIP PUMPKIN. (Click the link to the left to see it)










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