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When my husband first asked me if I wanted to go geocaching, I thought he was crazy. If you don't know what geocaching is, it's basically using a GPS to find hidden items. Click here to learn more about geocaching.

I am a legal assistant, and I spend a lot of time at work looking for files, documents or precedents. At home, I'm a mom, and someone is always yelling, "Mom, have you seen....". You know the drill. So why would I want to spend my FREE time looking for hidden objects? I gave it a shot anyway, and it was actually kind of fun. I don't think I could ever get into it the way some people do, but I do enjoy hiking in the woods, and there are usually lots of caches hidden in woodsy areas. Yes, even in your neighbourhood! They are all over the world.

If geocaching had been popular when my kids were small, I would have been thrilled to discover it. It's a cheap activity. All you need is a hand-held GPS (or an IPhone app), and you can grab the kids and go for a walk. They have fun looking for the box, and when they open it, they actually get to take a treasure (just as long as they leave something in return). It is a great way to get exercise.

When I did go geocaching, I was a little bit disappointed in the caches that some people put out. Usually, they are just a plastic container with some trinkets in it. (trade items) I just wasn't into searching for crap I can buy at the Dollar Store.

If I'm going to spend time looking for something in the woods, I want it to be something cool...selfishness on my part, I guess. But seriously, it doesn't take much effort to make it more fun for people. For instance, one cache we found was simply a collection of coins. The owner asked that if you take a coin, you leave a coin. This cache was hidden in a tourist area in Niagara Falls, Ontario, so the collection of coins was pretty amazing. There were coins from all over the world. So, it was interesting, and it really didn't take much to get that cache started.

Another cache was hidden in what appeared to be ladder steps to a treehouse. We were staring right at it, and it still took us a couple of minutes to figure out that the step had a hinge on it and flipped open. Way cool! There wasn't much inside this cache, but it was cool nonetheless.

When we decided to hide a cache, I wanted to ensure that it was in an area that people would like to visit. Since we live in Niagara Falls, Ontario, we know some of the best places that are off the beaten path. Check out my site www.budgetniagara.com for more info on that.

The first cache we made is called Gnomes' Hideaway. It's hidden in a really nice location overlooking the whirlpool. It's away from the very popular tourist locations but does get locals. I thought about if I was a little kid and I was looking for a package in the woods what I would like to find. The first Gnomes' Hideaway we made had over 100 visitors before it was destroyed (yeah...always jerks in every area). We don't spend a lot of time or money making them, so we quickly replaced it.



                                             Here is the replacement that we made in about 30 minutes tops.

This cache, unfortunately, lasted less than a week before it was stolen.

I don't really understand the point in stealing them. They have no value. So either the thieves just take it because they have a kid who wants it, or they take it just to steal the enjoyment of others. Either way, they suck!

Our third attempt at this cache has been in place for quite a while now. I'm sure it must be over 100 visitors too. We will likely replace it in the spring, because they get old at ratty looking after time.

The next geocache we made is my favourite. I won't say it was easy to make. I think my husband spent about two hours making a hollow spot in an actual log. The picture explains it better, but basically we made it so that you can open the log and there is a miniature bar inside.

carving cache

This was a lot harder to carve out than it looks. It's a hardwood log!

new cache

This is what it looks like when it's closed. As you can tell, it would be difficult to spot this as a cache in the woods. We did put a lot of clues up, and so far everyone who has gone to look for it has found it. There is now a rope handle on the top, so that makes it a bit easier to spot. However, some people have jumped thinking that the rope handle is a snake!

This geocache is called Toadstool Tavern. Imagine how cool it would be to stumble across this in the woods.


We've received some really nice feedback from finders of this cache.

Another cache that we made was stolen within days of putting it out. It was another one that my husband put a lot of effort into. It was called "End of the Rainbow" and it was basically a mini leprechaun's outhouse. The little window was in the shape of a shamrock. It was really cool, so I understand why someone would want it. I still think they suck for taking it. We may try to get another one into that spot in the spring.


A fourth (and probably final) geocache we made is Melinda's House. Inside the lid is scrawled:

Congratulations! You have found Melinda's Little Shack. Melinda is not a fan of humans, so she will likely be hiding when you open the cache. She may be under the bed, or she may have flown out the door.

She does enjoy the treats that humans leave her. She especially likes receiving teeth and gemstones, because she wants to build an enormous 3' x 3' castle like the one her wealthy cousin the Tooth Fairy owns. Her cousin, “ thinks she's so good ,” and that really annoys Melinda! Once Melinda gets enough stones and teeth, she's going to build a gigantic mansion right across the path from the Tooth Fairy's castle with a huge sign that reads, “Melinda's Mansion.” Screw you Tooth Fairy!

I guess I still think like a kid at heart. I would have been enchanted to have found this outside when I was little.

Fairy House

Fairy House




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